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Ring Coating


The products we offer can be found here, including custom fitted thumb rings and accessories. 

Ring Coating


Ring Coating

from 10.00

This service is to apply a finish, or coating, to our standard polymer rings. This finish is permanently bonded to the rings, which allows for good durability and will not flake off.

Currently we offer graphite and bronze. Graphite offers a beautiful semi-metallic lustre, unmistakably graphite. It is difficult to photograph, but looks exceptional in person. Bronze has a metallic yet textured appearance, very much like media blasted metal. It is a reasonable analogue for metal on rings, and other reproductions, because at a distance it could readily pass for metal.

This product is for the coating treatment only. Purchase purchase it IN ADDITION to one of our standard polymer rings or 3 closely spaced ring sets. If you purchase a three ring set and a coating for only one ring, we will treat the middle size ring.

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