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Our Company

We offer historical Asiatic archery products, including fitted thumb rings customized to the individual archer. We also offer a variety of accessories, tools, and exotic replicas. 

Born From Passion

Our  Turkish  ring in sterling silver and our  Byzantine  ring in bronze.

Our Turkish ring in sterling silver and our Byzantine ring in bronze.


Custom Thumb Rings emerged from a passion for Asiatic archery and arts. Everyone needs rings, and we wanted a better way to source ones which were comfortable and fit beautifully. The system we devised, experimentally determining fit by producing a series of closely sized rings, worked so well friends insisted we turn it into a product. 

What started out as a pet project between co-workers in slack hours, quickly gained the attention of customers, and before we knew it had blossomed into a diverse array of products, projects, and loyal customers. 

At the end of the day, we exist for you, our customers. So thank you all for making CTR what it is today; it is your passion which has made all this possible.

What we do

We're a bizarre synthesis of ancient crafts, and modern engineering. We blend the latest in CAD and CNC automation, with loving hand finishing to bring you the best of both worlds. Our products have the look and feel of being lovingly hand crafted, because they were, while having the precision and consistency which are hallmarks of modern manufacture. 

Stellar Culture and Products

We're all here for the same reasons you are, because we have a passion for Asiatic archery. To this end, that is why we bring "novel" functionality-oriented products to market. It is really that simple. 

Where are we going from here?

While we have a core line of popular and proven ring styles, they represent a tiny fraction of the historical diversity of rings and associated artifacts. In collaboration with respected institutions and historians, we're pursuing additional designs of rings, nocks, arrowheads, and other functional reproductions of historical archery/weapon components. Have a piece of ancient tech you need replicated? Get in touch!