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We offer historical Asiatic archery products, including fitted thumb rings customized to the individual archer. We also offer a variety of accessories, tools, and exotic replicas. 


Sizing Information

Information regarding how to size yourself so we can produce rings for the correct fit. 

We size our rings on a virtually continuous spectrum. We can accommodate any size thumb, no matter how large or small. But, for us to make the correct size ring, we need accurate measurements. Even still, we strongly recommend customers order a set of three closely sized rings from us, not only due to the difficulties in taking perfect measurements, but because thumbs shrink and swell depending on the time of day, use, temperature, and so on. When ordering, if you select the three rings option, they will come as one of these closely sized sets by default. If you would like all three of your rings to be identical in size, rather than one larger and one smaller than the indicated size, please note this in the sizing form.

This is the most successful sizing option, certainly better than calipers. We very very strongly recommend customers use this option to size their rings. If you want to be sure your rings fit on the first try, this is the way to go. We offer two different types of ring sizers to cover all ring styles we currently offer. While we size rings on a continuous spectrum, these cover reasonably close set points, so you can indicate fitment of any one of the sizes or something in between. These in essence offer aperture sizing only, and your thumb will swell and shrink with time of day, temperature, your hydration level, etc, so we still recommend acquiring a set of three. To determine your size, insert your thumb through the different holes until you find an aperture you feel is the correct fit.  In the case of our standard sizer this means inserting your thumb then rotating it 90 degrees as you would a full thumb ring. In the case of our Manchu sizer, this means picking one which you feel represents the level of snugness you prefer from a Manchu or Nubian ring. Then simply relay to us the notch count of the aperture, or where between two apertures, you feel fits you best. Please note these are distinctly different from a jeweler's ring sizer which we do not recommend for sizing thumb rings. 

Thumb size can also be measured with a set of calipers, although not as accurately as with our ring sizer. You want to apply a firm but gentle pressure, neither crushing your finger down to the bone, nor measuring the width of the skin by barely touching. Too much pressure and you'll generate a number too small, while not enough and your measurement will be too large. Remember larger rings can be leather lined to adjust fit, but a ring which is too small just doesn't work. We require the height and width of your thumb at the knuckle in millimeters. This should be at the thickest point of your thumb. At checkout, you will be prompted to fill in a box with these measurements. If you get vernier calipers, be sure you know how to read them. Digital calipers, be sure to zero and that you're in the correct units. Please note that there is a failure rate when using calipers, so for customers new to rings or who want to ensure correct fit the first time, we really do recommend the ring sizer as an alternative. We may contact you if some of your sizing information seems off, prior to beginning production of your rings, so please be sure to enter a current email address upon checkout. 

How to measure your thumb correctly for a set of rings

How to measure your thumb correctly for a set of rings