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Ring Sizer


The products we offer can be found here, including custom fitted thumb rings and accessories. 

Ring Sizer


Ring Sizer


These ring sizers are the most effective, reliable, and easiest way to measure your thumb for our rings. They come in two variants, regular and Manchu. The regular covers our Byzantine, Ottoman, Hybrid, Grooved, Tongue, and Chinese Spur rings. (all our elliptical aperture rings) The Manchu covers our Manchu and Nubian style rings.

Notches on the edge of each aperture correspond to specific sizes, allowing customers to indicate they want a ring of a that size or somewhere between. The breadth of sizes go from reasonably dainty women's fingers, up to fairly large men's hands. Please be aware that, while most children will be covered by this sizer, some may not. 

Please note that a ring sizer does not provide the complete feeling of shooting with a given ring, and thumbs swell with temperature, time of day, and use. As a result, we still recommend the purchase of a 3 ring set, even when a sizer is used. 

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