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Secret Menu

Congratulations, you've found our secret menu. Here you can find products which don't fit in, are oddball, we can't produce in large volume, don't have the level of polish we expect from our standard line of products, etc. Keep an eye on this space as we don't advertise it, and you never know what you'll find here, but don't forget this page exists for you: our loyal fans and customers. 

Extended Fletching Clamp

Extended Fletching Clamp


Many of our fletching cutting templates produce feathers far too long to be held by typical fletching clamps. While such fetching can be laid down by hand, we also recognize the demand for a clamp which can grip them. This is our answer to that demand. This clamp is long enough to grip even our longest Manchu feather and hold it straight while it is applied to a shaft. We recommend either fletching tape or a quick-cure cyanoacrylate adhesive so said feathers can be securely laid down while one holds the clamp. Please be aware this clamp is 3D printed, therefore lacks the level of polish we expect from our products, but is a very functional tool. Colors may vary. 

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