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Majra, Nawak, Tongjian, Tong-ah, and Solenarion are all names for this unique historical archery tool that allows the shooting of short arrows with a full draw length. The historical reasons for this device are often speculative/debated, but are generally considered to be any combination of four factors:
1) higher arrow velocities for greater range
2) A means of "returning" crossbow bolts
3) preventing the enemy from "returning" your own arrows
4) Giving broken arrows a second life

The tool itself is fairly simple: a channel down which the arrow rides and a leather loop at one end for retention/manipulation in shooting. In some respects, it is a lot like a "manual" crossbow where your thumb is the trigger and arm the stock. Arrows can vary in length from slightly shorter to MUCH shorter than a typical shaft, however natural fetching is a must. (vanes are too rigid, creating drag and forcing the arrow out of the channel) Mastering the technique takes a little experimentation and practice. For safety reasons we strongly recommend one starts with a low poundage bow, full length arrows, blunt points, and nocks which firmly grip the string. Care must be taken to keep the bow hand thumb well below the channel, and to not over-draw by pulling the tool past the bow before the arrow has departed. With a little practice though, one can readily progress to more powerful bows and shorter arrows. This in turn results in extremely high arrow velocities. 

We offer these in two forms, both made from poplar for it's durability and light weigh. Finished is a complete tool, including leather finger wrap, reinforced eyelet, and full length channel. Varnish provides a durable and attractive satin finish. Unfinished is little more than the raw poplar channel, the hard part to make if you lack the tools. It requires tapering of the nock end, drilling, and sanding/finishing to complete.  Both have an overall length of 38 inches, but can readily be cut down to suit a user's shorter draw length.

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