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The products we offer can be found here, including custom fitted thumb rings and accessories. 





The famous Turkish Siper, the king of flight overdraw devices. For those not aware, this is a device worn on the bow hand which acts as an arrow rest allowing the shooter to draw an arrow much shorter than the draw length. Our rendition is built around our rugged Ivory material lined with leather to reduce arrow bounce. It is attached to the hand with a soft leather harness and buckle. A beautiful hardwood plate, available in plain walnut and lightning strike walnut, completes the package. Additional plates, for those who already  own our Siper, are available and priced on request. Such plates are available in even more exotic hardwoods, or are perfect for those wanting to embellish with carving, engraving, gold leaf, etc. 

The leather harness on a Siper has three straps. Two are obvious, the buckle and associated strap with holes to go around the wrist. The third loops around the thumb and then the buckle strap. It is not meant to be adjustable, but does need to be fitted to the individual archer. We leave this strap long, allowing the user to adjust it to their preference and secure it in place with a rivet, stitch, or leather adhesive. 

As with all overdraw devices, practice and skill are required to use safely and effectively, so we strongly encourage shooters to practice with low poundage bows and full length arrows. This way the archer can slowly work toward profficiency with high powered bows and short flight arrows. 

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