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Bow Performance Project - Gukgungwon Chrono Data

Silent Thunder Ordnance

Gukgungwon bow shown here with our Hybrid ring in sterling silver

Gukgungwon bow shown here with our Hybrid ring in sterling silver

For the sake of having everything in one place, as this post completes the analysis of all our bows on hand, the force draw et al. charts are attached at the bottom, even though this post only updates chrono data. This is where the rubber meets the road: how effectively can these bows convert that stored energy into kinetic energy? 

Full disclosure, I love this bow. On the day we tested it though, I had basically spent the earlier part of the afternoon shooting it until my shoulder told me to stop. So when someone popped their head in and said "time to chrono" that evening, I groaned a little bit. Shooting through a chrono, if you've never done it before, is hard. Particularly it is hard with a Korean bow. You're down on the ground, shooting at a weird angle to try and get the arrow through  the sweet spots on both sensors. And you've got to get that flight darn near perfect, lest you smash an arrow into one of the diffuser supports or simply miss one of the sensors. I don't mean to lead in with excuses, but lets just say this was not my finest hour. 

The results though were quite good. Despite my shoulder, and what I suspect was me under-drawing, we're within a deviation of being the fastest bow we've ever tested. We're also cleanly over 70% efficient. And then there is the twist, if we go with the highest KE produced, rather than the average, it is not 71% efficient, it is 76.2% efficient beating the heavy AF Tatar's 75.6%. Of course, applying the same standard to the AF Tatar, it'd be 79.3% efficient. The point? In terms of stored energy and velocity, I am betting I could take both these bows out again and see the roles reversed. They are within margin of error of each other. Cool huh?

And that concludes our additions to bow performance data for now. Own a bow and want it tested? Manufacture bows and want some unbiased independent testing to show off? Send us a message. There are a thousands of beautiful bows out there, and we'd love to add yours to the list. 

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