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New Material: Biocomposite!

Silent Thunder Ordnance

Our Manchu ring (thick variant) in biocomposite 

Our Manchu ring (thick variant) in biocomposite 

The introduction to our biocomposite material, long overdue, is here. We developed this material as part of the design process on our Nubian rings, seen below. The historical Nubian samples had a very nice internal texture, and the ability to absorb some moisture keeping the ring grippy as the thumb naturally produces sweat. We wanted to replicate this, and ended up with this material as our preferred option. It has great internal texture, grippy without being abrasive, and the ability to wick away some moisture from the thumb. Because the ability to absorb things is a double edged sword, we finish the outside of each of these rings with our special beeswax citrus oil blend to seal, protect, and add a beautiful lustre. 

Why biocomposite? In short because it accurately describes the material, and because cellulosic lignin biopolymer composite is a bit of a mouthful. To be perfectly clear, this material bears no relationship to the biocomposite used by Csaba Grozer. This is a fantastic material though, in fact we liked it so much we expanded it over to our Exotic Manchu rings where it also performs extremely well. 

Our three styles of Nubian rings, based on measurements of the originals. 

Our three styles of Nubian rings, based on measurements of the originals.