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Chinese Spur


The products we offer can be found here, including custom fitted thumb rings and accessories. 

Chinese Spur


Chinese Spur

from 25.00

Huge thanks to Mike Loades for his collaboration on this project. The Chinese spur ring is an unusual historical design, characterized by a large spur on the side of the ring which contacts the arrow. While it looks odd, these rings are actually remarkably easy and intuitive to use, much more so than many other designs. For this reason, out of all our ring designs, this is the one we recommend to beginners. 

So how does it work? In essence, the "spur" part of the ring points upward, and presses against the arrow shaft just in front of the nock. There are a number of hypotheses regarding its function. Some are to help grip the arrow, or to counterbalance the force applied to the arrow by the index or middle finger. Our hypothesis is that, while it may do these things, it also acts as a string stop. You see, the spur presses against the arrow, which is attached to the string, thus preventing the ring for moving any further forward onto the string. Thus you have the string positioning of a grooved or lip ring, but without the associated disruption to release. When you release with this ring, the string leaves with that fast "SNAP" and clean release associated with an Ottoman style ring.

There is another aspect to this which bears mentioning however: spur handed-ness and positioning. Having the spur on only one side of the ring, it only functions on one hand, so when checking out please select the hand you intend for it to go on. When flipped, the ring functions fine, the spur simply doesn't engage the arrow so the shooter must revert to balancing the string. Furthermore, in order for the spur to function, some combination of wrist angle, string diameter, string positioning, arrow diameter, etc all must converge. Typically string positioning and wrist angle give you the leeway you need to achieve the grip and release you want. In some cases however, you may find yourself wanting to use a small file to adjust the spur's positioning to suit your particular application.

We size all our rings on a virtually continuous spectrum for a perfect fit. No longer do you have to live with set sizes made for a hypothetical thumb. Measuring your thumb accurately though is still difficult, which is why we strongly recommend our customers order a set of three closely sized rings. More information can be found by clicking the Sizing Information link on the banner at the bottom of the the page.

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