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The products we offer can be found here, including custom fitted thumb rings and accessories. 


Manchu Slim and Thick.jpg
Manchu Slim and Thick.jpg


from 25.00

Our rendition of the classic Manchu style cylindrical ring. Slick on the outside, aggressively textured on the inside, this ring is a solid performer. 

Examples of antique Manchu rings exhibit a great diversity of styles. Manchu rings should, ideally, be as thin walled as the string will allow. This improves the speed and cleanliness of the release. Bearing in mind historical Manchu strings were significantly thicker, we find our slim rings make them particularly well suited for use with modern bowstrings. That said, to meet demand for users with more traditional bowstrings, or who simply prefer a thicker ring, we've now introduced a much thicker walled variant. Designed with the help of Peter Dekker, and tweaked feedback from the community, we owe this successful design to all of you. Thank you. 

We size all our rings on a virtually continuous spectrum for a perfect fit. No longer do you have to live with set sizes made for a hypothetical thumb. Measuring your thumb accurately though is still difficult, which is why we strongly recommend our customers order a set of three closely sized rings. More information can be found by clicking the Sizing Information link on the banner at the bottom of the the page.

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