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Chinese Spur Ring - Product Introduction

Silent Thunder Ordnance

Our take on the exotic Chinese Spur Ring

Our take on the exotic Chinese Spur Ring

Allow us to introduce our latest product: the Chinese Spur Ring. Huge thanks to Mike Loades for his collaboration on this project, which allowed us develop to these unique rings. 

What is it and how does it work? Simply put, the spur on the ring presses against the arrow while it holds the string. While this arrangement sounds awkward and fiddly, it is actually quite natural. Everything simply falls into place. 

The purpose and effects of this spur are debated. Some have suggested that it is to counterbalance the pressure of the index finger against the arrow. Others have suggested it is to grip the arrow more firmly. Our experiments suggest that, while these other mechanisms may be true, it acts indirectly as a string stop. The arrow holds the string, the spur holds the arrow, and the ring is justified relative to the spur. As a result, the string's rearward travel is limited thus protecting the soft of the thumb without any sort of lip or groove. The result is that clean and snappy release familiar to anyone who has shot an Ottoman style ring, but with protection for the thumb.